A gift for…

One of the many things I love about sewing is making gifts for other people.  Giving something handmade seems like such a lost art these days.  I don’t know, maybe the recipient of the gifts would prefer something made in China sometimes but having the ability to turn out some pretty cool gifts has been a lot of fun for me.  I whipped these 2 up this morning before my daughter went to her friend’s house for a birthday party.  Just goes to show ya, you only need a few hours to create something nice and useful.  Megan loved being part of the process…picking out the fabric and the towel, placing the crayons in their pockets.  It sparked an idea even…she says one day she is going to open up a sewing shop where she makes everything and it will have a dollar spot with little things in it too…”like Target”.  She offered me a position as the “fabric ripper upper” and to sew things as well.  One of her favorite parts of fabric shopping is watching the ladies that rip the fabric measurement rather than cut it!  Making these memories with my girls is a truly a gift for me.


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