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This time last year I sat in my dining room with my daughters, my nieces, nephew and sister to make pillows.  These weren’t just any ordinary pillows though…they were and will forever be called “my Gg pillow” by each pair of little hands that designed and stuffed them.  My grandmother, Henrietta (better known as Rita), would’ve been 89 years old today but she passed away 2 years ago.  She lived a long, wonderful life doing just whatever she wanted to be doing in her mountain home full of crafty projects and books to read.  Sometimes when I am begging for an “8th day” to come along in my week, I think of the endless “8th days” she had when she retired more than 20 years before she passed and I think, someday I will find the time for that project.

Everyone has blessings in their lives, some more evident than others.  My Grannie was one of my most favorite blessings.  She was the most interesting woman I have ever met and had so much to do with moulding me into the person I have become.  She had a love for making things with her hands that is like no one else.  She could make something out of what others would consider to be nothing.  She was truly amazing and I can’t wait to wrap my arms around her neck again someday in heaven and tell her how very much I have missed her.

Grannie, or Gg as she was known by her great-grandkids, wore some colorful attire…so we decided to use the fabric from some of her dresses to make pillows.  I got the idea from my friend’s mom, Vicki.  When her father passed, she made pillows out of some of his Oxford shirts with the buttons going down the front of the pillow.  I thought that was a fabulous idea!  Especially since you can hug it when you get sad and are missing your loved one.  The kids all created what shape they wanted to make their Gg pillow by drawing it onto some brown craft paper.  I used this pattern to cut the material from the dress and sewed around it with a 1/4 inch seam, then turned it right side out for each of them to stuff.

Each of them then hand sewed the opening shut…well, with a little help.  It was a great way to celebrate her life on that first birthday without her there for all of us to sing to and talk to.  I know my kids may not remember her as they get older but they will know all about her through my memories and all she has taught me.

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  1. Wendy
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    Love this post! I thought of Rita yesterday and remembered her birthday. Hugs to you.

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