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My niece, Sabrina, is a freshman in high school…okay…that really makes me feel old.  I mean, I was there when she was born and took her first steps and said her first word…she can’t actually be a freshman, can she?  Not only is she a freshman but the year is practically over, so who am I kidding…she’s actually closer to a sophomore now.  I really am old.  Well, I’m over it.  🙂  She and I made the flowers in the picture above this past weekend.  She bought the vases and we both had the same idea about needing to make flowers for them.  Super cute and so easy to make.  She even came up with another cute idea to use the flowers on a picture frame.  If we do that together, I’ll take pictures as we go and do a tutorial so all of you can see how to make these adorable little flowers.


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