I took a Yoga class with a good friend of mine and saw some pretty cool ways to carry your mat to class when I was there.  I know, I was supposed to be there for my health, not for sewing ideas…but I can’t help myself.  Now that I have learned to sew, I look at the world differently….with a “I could make that” kind of attitude!  This is my rendition of a hands free way to carry your mat to class.  I made one for my friend too (see below).  It was super easy and can be made from about 2 yards of strapping material.  I covered mine with fun fabric with a 1/4 inch pressed under edge and 1/8 inch top stitch.  Measure your yoga mat when it is rolled up with a dress maker’s measuring tape and just make sure you leave the loops big enough to fit before you sew them down.  I made it just an inch bigger than my mat measured so that I didn’t have to fight with it to get it on and off.


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