Daily Archives: 6 Mar 11

Go Gators!

There’s really not much more to say than what was already said in the title….well, okay…I’ll elaborate in case you don’t bleed orange and blue like our family.  I saw this fun bright orange fabric in a fabric shop when I first started sewing and thought that it would be perfect to make something Gator […]

Peace, love, applique

When I first started sewing…this was my thing, applique…it was all I would do actually.  Baby steps, I say.  I don’t like to fail so I find something I do well and I keep doing it.  It has been awhile now since I have done much applique but decided to make a shirt for a […]


I took a Yoga class with a good friend of mine and saw some pretty cool ways to carry your mat to class when I was there.  I know, I was supposed to be there for my health, not for sewing ideas…but I can’t help myself.  Now that I have learned to sew, I look […]