TASTY treats!

Who doesn’t love a cupcake?!!?  I mean, seriously!  Megan seems to think she isn’t a fan, but she’s only 7…she has time to fall in love still.  We had much to celebrate at work this past week…2 birthdays and a friend returning to work from a sad personal leave of absence.  What better to celebrate with than those just the right size tasty treats!  Did I mention that I had a bazillion things going on the week this would all take place as well?  Multiple events for work as well as outside of work stuff going on…but I was determined to make some deliciousness for my staff and so I went to my panel of experts…my cousin, Rachel.  She has started a business called Doce Dulces and has got this cupcake makin’ thing down!  You should check her cupcakes out,  I am salivating just thinking about them.  So she gave me some tips on how to keep them fresh so that I could bake them Sunday even though I wouldn’t be serving them until Wednesday and Thursday.  I made 84 cupcakes one beautiful Sunday afternoon.  You might wonder how many staff members there are in my 2 offices…well, it ain’t 84!  I don’t know…I just didn’t decrease the recipe and most of the recipes made 24 cupcakes!  I made lots of family happy last week too! 🙂  I made chocolate cupcakes with from scratch chocolate frosting, from scratch almond cupcakes with butter cream frosting and a recipe from FoodNetwork for Mascarpone Strawberry cupcakes (I didn’t make mine mini although that was what the recipe called for).  Yes…count them…not one, or two but three different flavors to savor!  I said we had lots to celebrate, right!  I have a picture, but I must say again…I had a lot going on and didn’t get to decorate with much pizazz so taste was my number one selling point.  What do you think?

Makes your mouth water, right?  C’mon over…I have a few still in the pantry! 🙂

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  1. Ginger Jolley
    Posted 28 Feb 11 at 7:32 am | Permalink | Reply

    I was one of those family members that benefitted from your efforts. Thank you!!!! My hips won’t thank you but my mouth kept saying…don’t stop….yummmmmmm!!!!

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