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My daughters both love crafts…thank goodness!  I mean, what would they do with a mother like me if they didn’t!  Likewise, what would my husband do with a wife like me if he didn’t love eating sweets…uh, well…maybe I should worry a little more about the reason for his New Year’s resolution this year to give up sweets.  Last year it was just candy and he made it through the whole year!  This year, he bumped it up a notch to include all desserts.  Guess that’s just more that my friends at work will get to enjoy! 🙂

Oh yeah…crafts…I get a magazine called FamilyFun that I read cover to cover and turn corners down on and have saved every issue that has ever been delivered to my house.  It is right up my alley.  It has fun easy to do crafts that I can find time for in our busy life and usually have the supplies for already at home.  For Valentine’s day, we made one of their hearts made of string.  It was a really simple project that you can do yourself by following that link.  We made ours bigger and used it as a door decoration by simply drawing a heart on our parchment paper and laying the strings inside the drawing.  I was in the process of making cookies at the same time, so after they came out, I turned the oven off and laid our heart inside until the next day.  I don’t know how it would’ve turned out just air drying but we were very pleased with how sturdy it was and has held up well outside on our front door for a week now.

Here’s another project from FamilyFun that we did for Christmas this past year.

Isn’t it adorable?  It’s just 2 pom poms, glitter glue, string and a cupcake liner.  I had to help the girls string the small pom pom but otherwise they could assemble these babies on their own!  I love creating opportunities for independence.  Maybe it’s just my independent personality…maybe it’s because I’m a physical therapist and that’s what I strive for in my patient’s recovery process…or maybe it’s because I’ve got too much going on to enjoy a simple little craft with my kids and if they can do it themselves…yay them! 😉  Nah!  I really did enjoy this time spent with them and can’t wait to find the next craft we’ll do in this month’s issue.  Happy crafting everyone!

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