Too early to think about Easter?

Last year, I made these dresses for my girls to wear on Easter.  While they turned out cute, they weren’t my favorite project.  I get aggravated with the figuring out of how big around it needs to be to fit their chest and where the straps need to be placed so they’re not too close to their shoulder or too close to their neck…I know, I know…I could whine more but you get me right?  I mean, I’m sure making clothes is not as hard as I am making it out to be but it hurt my brain.  I’m sure you’re thinking…but…you’ve made about a zillion pairs of Pj pants…those are clothes!  Well, maybe they are but they aren’t as detrimental on measurements as a top/dress is.  And…once these kids start having curves/figures…I will have sewn my last pair of Pj pants as well!  🙂  


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