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My 7 year old isn’t a believer just yet in the phrase “Reading is Fun!” so we’ve been trying different things to get her interested.  We made a new year’s resolution to read 10 minutes a day together (I needed to sit down and read just as much as she did).  We have met with her teachers to make sure we’re supporting her in all ways possible and her reading scores are going up (YEAH!!!!).  So in another effort to make reading fun and easily accessible I made a book sling to hang off the side of her bed.  I had seen it made from a double curtain rod that was then attached to the wall near the bed but Megan’s room lacks this kind of wall space.  I found a double towel holder that you would normally hang over the cabinet door and used that to hang off of her bed frame.  Attaching the fabric to the rod was a little tricky since you can’t slide it on after you sew a rod pocket…you have to sew it directly onto the towel holder.  I sewed the back on and then realized the front would be impossible to sew onto the rod without sewing through the back fabric as well.  Thank goodness for buttons!  Overall, it was a really simple project that turned out really cute and Megan likes it, so mission accomplished!

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    Ahhh!! It looks awesome!! Great job. Now come do mine for ella, K??

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