Being sick is for the birds

My family has had a rough go of it lately with illness.  First it was Sarah last week with a fever that lasted for 5 days, next Megan and quickly after that Robb.  Today, I stayed home with the sick ones and Megan seems to be feeling a little better.  She asked if we could make a penguin “pillow”.  News flash…her new 2 favorite animals are penguins and polar bears, in case any of you are keeping up…oh and now her new favorite color is green but she still seems to be leaning toward blue to me.

We spent some time drawing the penguin together and then she picked out the fabrics and helped trace the pattern out on the fabric and heat and bond paper.  I sewed and she stuffed and here’s what we came up with:

Not too bad for a quick project!  She gets tired of sewing if it takes too long so we didn’t do as much detailing as I would’ve done if it were just me.  I like the extra stitching over the appliqued fabric but she opted out of that.  Now the question is…do I spend time making one for Sarah while she is at school so she’s not super jealous or wait until she comes home to do it with her.  She asked for a butterfly pillow a long time ago and it’s been cut out but never sewn.  Funny how that can happen to projects.

Keep your fingers crossed that the illness stops with Robb.  I don’t know how I’ve escaped it thus far but I hope I can keep running faster than it can.



  1. Wendy
    Posted 2 Feb 11 at 1:14 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Feel better soon Megan! Love the pillow 🙂 Hope the germs leave you guys alone very soon.

    Love you, Love, me

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