Tis’ the season…

As you will see…there is a very good reason for the lack of posts lately.  I have been creating up a storm every spare minute to get gifts to all of my favorite little people.  Here are just a few…

My niece, Alyssa, is an amazing little dancer.  No really, for 9 years old she has amazing form and a true gift.  She has been asking for something made by me to reflect her love of dancing so I came up with the shirt above.  I also made Pj bottoms to go with it if she wants to wear it to bed, but the shirt can be worn on it’s own.  The pink feathery stuff is not so much fun to work with but it looks super cute!

Here are some of the Christmas Pj’s I made for my family.  It’s a tradition in our family to get a new pair of Christmas Pj’s on Christmas Eve.  My sister actually started it and has been the one to buy them every year.  This year though somehow I thought it would be great if I could create them all.  7 pairs later in order to clothe my kids, my sister’s kids and my sister -in-law’s kids, I think we’ll go back to buying them next year!

Sabrina’s Pj’s

Alyssa’s Pj’s

Nic’s Pj’s

He cracks me up!

Luke and Ella’s Pj’s

Sarah and Megan’s Pj’s.  I had the hardest time finding a cream plain shirt, so the applique on this shirt was actually done by whoever made the shirt but it went well with the fabric I chose for the pants.  Megan broke her arm a few days before Christmas so she didn’t fit in the shirt with her splint/cast.

Here’s Megan in the pair of Pj’s I gave her for Christmas.  She has been into the Peace sign lately and I just thought these Peace sign flowers with glitter were too cute!  I found the shirt at Target with a Peace sign already on it…bonus!

These are the Pj’s I made for Sarah as a Christmas present.  They love the Pj’s with the ruffle at the bottom.

My nephew has a pair of Pj pants from a store with smiley faces wearing Santa hats so I made him this shirt to go with them.  He gets to draw in the face however he wants to using washable markers each time he wears it!  At least, that’s my theory…hopefully it will truly wash out every time in the wash.


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