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Many, many months ago…my sister-in-law, Carrie/DixieMango, invited me to be a part of a craft fair with her.  I have never been a vendor of any of my crafts so this was all new to me and her first craft fair as well.  I must say…for craft fair virgins…we had our stuff together!  Of course, we had a lot of help from our families and the support of so many friends encouraging us along.  In the beginning, I had grand plans for making all sorts of things to contribute and in the end only had 3 item lines.  Dream big! Be realistic! Words to live by…

So here we are at the amazing DixieMango booth:

Our booth was made amazing by the hands of many including sign makers: Aunt Joan and Uncle Jeff; booth back drop and creative set up: Jim and Beth Pendergrass; tent/pricing signage and informational signs: Daniel Pendergrass; Oatmeal Mango cookie maker: Jim Pendergrass; stayed all day for moral support and able/ready to help in anyway: Mama Jolley (Ginger).

Check out these super cool stickers Uncle Jeff and Aunt Joan supplied us with as well:

I took photos of everything we had for sale there but will only include some of the things I had for sale.  I know Carrie will put up photos of her fabulous creations as well on her site.

Here’s the little appliqued shirts that I made.  I made 20 in total and in a variety of girls/boys…short and long sleeved, even some tanks/muscle shirts.  Wanna guess how many sold?  Nope…too high…still too high…guess lower…zero!  Lots of people liked them and took my card to order one, but no takers on the shirts available.  Live and learn.  Gonna be a big sale right here on my blog as soon as I can post all 20 pictures!

These little stinkers didn’t go like the hot cakes I thought they were either.  I designed these to be used as gift card holders or tags for a gift with the card saying “To/From” and while I was there another lady gave me a suggestion that they could be used as place setting cards.

These beauties you’ll see next were my big seller!  I took an idea I read about in a magazine and had a good friend of mine with design skills make it awesome (Go Claudia!).  They are Memory boxes.  You have a box worthy of a place in the busy area of your home (easy access) that contains a card for every day of the year (even February 29th).  On the card you keep track of the great events or silly things your kids/grandkids say by just dating the memory with the year that it happened for that date of the year.  As the years go by and you put more and more memories in the box, you get a chance to reminisce on the years past as you pull a card to write down something new.  Pretty sweet, huh?  I’m glad some people at the craft fair thought so too!

Funny how you have a booth with such amazing stuff and yet you have people just walk in and Ooh! and Ahh! but not so much of “I’ll take 2!” 🙂  As the seasoned craft fair vendors have told us…some years the hot item is one thing and then the next year you can’t sell any of the same item!  I guess that might be the case if I were to make aprons to sell.  We had multiple compliments on the aprons I made for Carrie and I to wear at the show…so many, I lost track.  I designed them to each have a see-through pocket to hold our business cards.  See if you can spot them in this picture and I will try to take some close ups another day.

I’ll give you a hint…Carrie’s is hot pink and mine is my logo with a brown outline around it.  I spy…with my little eye…You found it!! Good!

So overall, we were disappointed in the number of sales, but had a great time hanging out with one another for the day and getting the opportunity to share some beautiful and creative pieces of ourselves with anyone that wanted to stop in.  Not sure I’ll be putting myself out there again anytime soon…but I survived and I didn’t feel so much like people were catching me in my underwear afterall!

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  1. Wendy
    Posted 15 Nov 10 at 6:52 am | Permalink | Reply

    The booth looked amazing! I love all the items you posted and cannot believe that you didn’t sell out of everything. Good for you for putting yourself out there!

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