Prada for the Pooch

So I told you I was making something for the mama dog that I made the puppy collars for.  I don’t normally toot my own horn…but I have to say…I feel like I really accomplished something with this project.  It was my first time trying something on my own without a pattern and I was actually successful!  One giant step forward for me!  Won’t give up sewing after all…don’t worry Grace (my machine)…I love spending time with you too much to give you up.  I am kind of amazed at how much I do enjoy sewing.  It’s coming on a year now since I gave it a whirl again and I must say…I think it’s pretty cool.  What a difference a good machine can make!

Oh yeah…we’re talking dogs here…So!  A request was made for a garment that would be worn by Jenna highlighting the fact that she is having puppies…as if you couldn’t already tell by her pregnancy glow! 🙂  So I thought it would be fun to make her a “vest” with those caution signs on each side…you know like you see in car windows telling you there’s a baby on board…well here’s Jenna wearing my little creation.

What a beauty, huh?  I’m talking about the dog…I’m not tooting my horn again…really? C’mon people.

Here’s a photo of it laying flat in my house.

Her puppies are due this weekend so I can’t wait to post pics of them with their little collars on!  Good luck Jenna!


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