Yummy Fabric

I thought I would tease you a little bit…if you don’t like it…too bad…gonna do it anyway! 🙂  I have been asked to make some puppy collars for my Uncle John’s litter his Golden Retriever is expecting mid October.  So not knowing how many boys and how many girls he will end up with, we decided on approx.6 of each to determine how many patterns to pick.  Here’s what I came up with at first:

We decided to take out the 3 fabrics on the left and I have picked out some other lovely patterns in blue.  Here are the girls colors:

Fun, huh?  So I bought a Halloween collar from the dollar spot and took it apart to figure out how to make one of these puppies…(heh..heh..) and this is my prototype:

With a little tweaking here and there and the right size hardware…I think they’ll be great!  Uncle John promised pics of them on the puppies when they come so get ready to go “Awwwwww…they’re so cute…I want one!” (and of course I’m talking about the puppies…not my collars here!)  He also requested something be made for the mama doggie, Jenna, and I’ll post those once he receives it and can send me a picture of her modeling it.  More to come!

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