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I have to say…I have sort of a love hate relationship with making clothing. I love…love…love to make things that are easy and quick and actually fit the first time you sew it together and I hate pretty much anything that doesn’t fall into that category. I’ll show you what I mean someday…for now…let’s stay on the positive side, after all…it’s where I live 99.98% of the time. I learned how to make an adorable and very quick and easy skirt with a ribbon bottom edge and then I couldn’t stop myself from making them for every little girl I knew. See for yourself…

This was for Sarah…she really doesn’t wear it as often as I would like her too…what am I gonna do about that?

This is the one I made for Megan to coordinate with her whale t-shirt I posted in my summer series post.

This one for my niece, Alyssa:

This one for my cousin’s little girl, Emma:

This was another one I made for Megan:

Here are the girls in another set of skirts I made them that matched…only Megan insisted hers be mid shin length.  Her teacher has a skirt that length and she wanted one like it.

Give me a kiss! (nice tat on Sarah, don’t you think!)

So after seeing that making skirts wasn’t all that bad, I thought I would try another version for Megan for her birthday.  I started it before her birthday but didn’t quite finish it in time….sometimes my “8th day” is really only a few hours at the end of the work and school day, but I do what I can do and enjoy every minute that I get.  Here are some of the pics…but I will warn you…do not fall in love!  I do not plan on making another one of these anytime soon….I figure it’s like childbirth…these harder more tedious sewing projects…I’ll forget about the pain eventually and be persuaded to make another one.

See how every layer is all squinched up (again another made up word…write it down…there will be a quiz at the end of this blog).  If you don’t know me…I am a bit of a perfectionist.  Those who do know me are laughing because I actually tried to minimize my perfectionism.  Anyhow…this skirt was a challenge for me with getting all of the squinching just right.  All in all, I think it came out fabulous and I think Megan looks adorable in it!  I have plans for a t-shirt to coordinate with it, but haven’t done it yet.  Will post pics when completed…gonna have to get used to that phrase peeps!


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  1. Wendy
    Posted 10 Sep 10 at 5:37 am | Permalink | Reply

    Love these skirts!! Forget Grace and Sophie on this one, I would love to have one in my size!!!

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