Summer shirt series

I made a series of shirts this spring, all with a summer theme, to give to various kids in my life .  Here they are:

I made this surfboard shirt for a little boy up the street from us for his 2nd birthday (this was the inspiration for Luke’s Pj’s in the previous post I put up here).  I also made him a matching belt with the fabrics I used for the boards (no picture of that, sorry).

The shirt below was also made for a little boy up the street for his birthday and I used the same fabrics…and made him a matching belt (again, no picture…so sorry).

It’s hard to see in my photos but he has a button eye.  I got into wrapping some of the image around to the back of the shirt as you’ll see in the next few pics.

Here’s a beach ball bouncing across a shirt I made for Sophie:

here’s the bounce on the back:

For her sister, Grace, I made a series of starfish:

I used different stitching than I normally use and I think it made them look more rounded and life-like:

Megan has a shirt with a whale on it that coordinates with a ribbon skirt I made for her (will be posted at a later date).  She decided against a button eye (much to my dismay) saying that the fabric already made it look like it had an eye (big pink circle).

the tail on the back:

There you have it!  My summer line…hee hee…that seems funny to me…I still can’t get over that I’m actually doing something like this.  I love it and am so thankful for the talent to create.

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