Daily Archives: 6 Sep 10

wait a minute…that’s not fabric!

So I just wanted to show you that I am not just a girl that works with fabric…although..I guess stretched canvas is sort of in the same family…anyway…I painted this canvas for my cousin’s baby.  I also plan to paint a growth chart for his room (will post when it is completed). looks good with […]

Summer shirt series

I made a series of shirts this spring, all with a summer theme, to give to various kids in my life .  Here they are: I made this surfboard shirt for a little boy up the street from us for his 2nd birthday (this was the inspiration for Luke’s Pj’s in the previous post I put […]

tweet! tweet! tweet!

I love the sound of the birds in the morning and the crickets and frogs at night!  Sleeping with the windows open is a favorite of mine…I just wish I could bare to do it in the spring…pollen is my enemy.  Anyhoo…I saw a magazine selling window clings of birds that I thought were adorable […]

Hoodies in the Hood!

It was so cool out this morning when I took our dog out that I actually needed a jacket!  YAY!!!!  I love the cool morning air!  I appliqued some hoodies for Grace and Sophie last year that I thought I would share with you.  I put their birth year on the back…kinda like you would […]

Boating anyone?

My sister’s family lives on the water in Maryland…rough life…I know! 🙂  So I made a couple of boating themed shirts for her kids.  My nephews shirt is made with marine flags that spell out their last name: My niece has taken up rowing which I am soooo proud of her for doing.  It was […]