Sweet Treats

All kids love sweets…right?  I know my kids are no exception and they definitely get it honestly…I love me some sweets!  I figured why not make clothing that reflects this love?  Here’s some of the yummy designs I came up with:

This was a shirt I designed for my niece when she turned 9…there are nine scoops of ice cream.

This yummy shirt was inspired by a shirt I saw on one of my friend’s kids…hers was painted on with a little sparkle here and there…this is made with fabric, of course, and I left a little more to fray on the edges to eventually give it that fluffy look once it’s been washed a few times.

see the edge (it should only take a couple of washes to get the desired look):

This last shirt was actually what inspired me to start sewing (again).  A good friend of mine has a crafty sister that appliques shirts for her little girl.  She was at my house one day with a watermelon shirt on that I just adored!  I loved that it had button seeds and how bright and summery it was.  Here is my rendition and my thanks to Nell for the inspiration:

Sarah likes it too!

I have since learned how to layer the fabrics better so that they do not pull away from each other in the wash…looks like this watermelon is going to lose it’s rind now that it has been worn.  Live and learn!

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