My greatest creations

Are you on the edge of your seat with anticipation as to what on earth my greatest creations could possibly look like?  Well, before you see, you have to know, I had help in making them…lots of help from God and my husband.  Megan and Sarah are my 2 little angels and they are most definitely my greatest creations.  I am such a proud mama!  Whenever I get a chance I try to make something for them.  Below you will see a few of my sewn creations B.G. (Before Grace-my sewing machine).

The cookie costume I made by hand out of felt and quilt batting.  They were the baker and the cookie.  Aren’t they cute!

Just look at that adorable little face!

The next year they wanted to be their “own” things so we had a ballerina and a butterfly.  I made the butterfly costume out of felt again and a few wire hangars.  Watch her “fly” down the sidewalk:

The last photo is their Halloween costumes from this past year.  I didn’t do as much hand sewing as in years past and actually only made a few things for these costumes…the flower and the crowns.  I made the flower out of felt (again) and pipe cleaners.  I cut out their crowns from foam and sewed Megan’s onto the top of her frog head.

So there they are…the princess and the frog.  I love them both so much it hurts sometimes.  I am so blessed.


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