Equinox Run To Finish

I know…you’re probably like, “what the heck kind of title is that!”  In January 2009 we added a little more fuzz to our family…our Australian Shepherd, Equinox Run To Finish…or Finn for short.  He’s a dog from the Equinox kennel, hence the first part of his name.  The rest of it, Run To Finish is what we came up with for his official American Kennel Club name.  My husband, Robb, runs for exercise and wanted a running partner.  He researched and researched, as he does so well, and found this breed to be the best fit for what he wanted.  Sometimes he will engage in the occasional race (he’s even done 2 marathons!  Go honey!) but when he races he only “runs to finish” not to win…ya see it now…to finish…Finn…with 2 “n’s” like Robb with 2 “b’s”!  Well, that’s all I got, if you don’t get it, call me and I’ll try another way of explaining! 🙂   Anyhoo…I decided I would make him a running leash for a gift and here is what I came up with (with the help of someone wonderful on the computer…Thanks D!):

Oh, isn’t he so cute!  I just love his little sweet face!  Oh, the leash…right, that’s what this post is about…so it reads “I RUN.  I RUN 4 MY HEALTH.  I RUN 4 MY FAMILY.  I RUN 4 LIFE.  RUN TO FINISH.”  It has 2 pictures of Finn on it as well.  I tried to take some close ups of it, but they didn’t turn out as good so this is what you get! 😉  Enjoy!


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    Great post!!

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