The Giving Machine

Okay…I think I can handle the “glimpses”(see first post to understand)…I mean, afterall, you are my family so you’re kind of contractually obligated to love me and be kind to me.  So here’s my next post.

I kind of got the bug after doing that first applique.  I mean, really…I couldn’t stop thinking of things I wanted to make and give to people.  It was kind of crazy since I didn’t have a machine of my own to work on.  Luckily, Carrie was very giving and let me work with Mabel, her machine. It is a fantastic machine and even has a button on it called “scissors” that cuts your thread for you when you finish a line of sewing. (i heart this button).

So I came up with ideas for Christmas gifts (yes, I am just now posting about Christmas gifts I made…don’t hate) for my kids, friend’s kids, nieces, nephews, sister-in-law, and future sister-in-law (no pressure Chad!).  Here’s what I came up with:

This was for Sarah, my little girl.

This was for Megan, my a little bit bigger girl. (Gotta love that Gg blood in ya girl!  Under 5 foot tall, here she comes! )

I loved my idea for the pinwheel but in retrospect would have to go about it a little differently.  It ended up being very thick and stiff on the shirt and might be a better design for a bag or something that isn’t worn and laundered frequently.

This was for my friend’s daughter, Sophie.  We call her Sophie Bunny sometimes.

And this is for her other daughter, Grace who is just as beautiful as a butterfly.

I made this for Nicole (future sister-in-law…hint…hint Chad!).  I also made one for my niece, Hannah and sister-in-law, Jennifer.  It was a different experience appliqueing a beach towel but still not difficult.  My daughters have quickly adopted the phrase, “Mommy, could you please make us one of those too!”.  This is on the “To Do List” for them…maybe next summer!

This was for my niece, Sabrina.

This was for my nephew, Nic.

And this was for my niece, Alyssa.

All the yummy fabrics (as Carrie would say) on these belts, came from Carrie’s scrap box.  It was so much fun pairing up the miscellaneous fabrics and deciding what order they would look best in.

This is the amazing teepee that Carrie and I made!  We made 3 of them actually…one for her kids and her nephews as well as this one.

This I made for Ella, my niece…I know…Daniel really wanted it but it just wasn’t his size! 🙂  Sorry, I don’t have a better picture of it, but I didn’t think I would be doing this blog until after I had already given everything away.  So, there’s actually more that I ended up making but I don’t have the pictures of it…curious aren’t you?!

Well, there you have it!  Now you see why I titled this post The Giving Machine?!


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  1. shana
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    super cool as kman would say
    nice work

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